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Public Education Projects:
knowledge for all 

1- Trauma First Aid

This section provides first-aid educational resources for non-professionals to assist others in crisis situations.

2- Mental Health in Crisis

In times of crisis, individuals often face various types of traumas and stressors, each potentially leaving lasting impacts. The degree of these effects depends on the resources available to individuals, both external support and internal coping mechanisms. Recognizing this, we aimed at empowering individuals to navigate through crises with resilience, through understanding of trauma's effects and stress management techniques. Psychoeducation will assist people in crises to learn about a normal psychological response to stressful events and how to protect themselves to minimize the negative long-term effects of these events on their mental health. Psychoeducation can also reduce the stigma of seeking professional help for mental health issues. 

3- Collective Resilience

Resilience in crisis situations is a complex and multi-level process. A resilient community that recovers the wounds inflicted by personal and collective trauma, and creates opportunities for growth and maturity, not only requires citizens committed to improve their mental and physical health but also has infrastructures and mechanisms that support and facilitate improvement. These include strong social capital and dynamic social networks where individuals and groups support each other, a culture of mutual trust, dialogue, and community participation, and learning from past experiences, and access to informational and supportive resources. At the Kian Foundation, we are fully aware of the importance of citizens' mental health and resilience at the time of political, social, and economic crises, hence we strive to enhance community resilience by producing educational content and strategic guidelines.

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