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Webinar Series: Community-focused approaches to mental health and resilience

Kian invited a great panel of experts to discuss community resilience, community change interventions, and mental health!

All webinars are free and open to all. The live webinars will be transcribed in Farsi and archived on Kian website.


Webinar 1

Dr Carol Lewis

Clinical Associate Professor

Department of Psychiatry University of Florida College of Medicine

Improving community behavioral health with the Community Wellbeing Mentor program.

Date: July 23 12:00ET

Webinar Registration link: HERE


Webinar 2

Jesse Kohler

Executive director

Campaign for trauma-informed Policy and Practice - CTIPP

Promoting Trauma-Informed Community Change

Date: Aug 6 12:00ET

Webinar Registration link: HERE


Webinar 3

Dr Eida Castro 

Associate Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry

Ponce Health Sciences University, Puerto Rico

Navigating Adversity: Understanding and Targeting Social, Environmental, and Trauma-Related Health Stress

Date: Aug 20 12:00ET

Webinar Registration link: HERE


Webinar 4

Dr John Drury 

Professor of social psychology

The University of Sussex

The psychology of collective resilience: Crises and their aftermath.

Date: Sep 10 12:00ET

Webinar Registration link: HERE

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